Welcome to TBI!

TBI is a not for profit social enterprise founded by Barjis Chohan.

Barjis  Chohan runs a multidisciplinary design studio in London for nearly 2 decades. As an entrepreneur, a Muslim woman and British Asian – Barjis faced many challenges, prejudices and inequality in the pursuit of running her own business and striving to make it in a privileged Fashion industry.

 Barjis wanted to set up an initiative that is not a charity but a socially responsible business to engage, inspire and transform lives of marginalised communities and disadvantaged youth;   by giving them the tools, recognition and voice to be heard and seen, to thrive and live a fulfilling life by pursuing their dreams in the most dignified and independent way.  Nobody likes handouts, they just want a little help to make them stand up on their feet and the motivation to believe in themselves.

She strongly believes in compassionate capitalism to make the world a better place and believes in the philosophy of using enterprise to solve poverty and create opportunities. Barjis understands that transformation can only happen if we give the tools, opportunities and platform to poorer communities in order for them to be self-sufficient and self-reliant. 

TBI has 5 pillars that we abide by:


Nurture .




Through our subsidised tuition grant we give a grant to families from poorer backgrounds the chance to access private tuition. This £500 grant will enable kids from disadvantaged backgrounds the equal chance of securing a place at a good school and the support to gain high grades in their GCSES. 

TBI Aspire programme is a day out to visit successful businesses, listen to leaders and visit universities to raise the aspirations of kids who do not have role models and mentors. Mentors and speakers also visit schools to hold talks with kids.

 Our ‘ hidden gems’ programme is a  platform to showcase the work of creatives from far reaching communities in the UK and abroad.  These artists and creatives will be given the resources and platform to showcase their work – in so doing this – providing a sustainable income for their families.

We hope you can support us by partnering with us as volunteers, mentors, facilitators and for businesses to open their doors to welcome kids to visit their headquarters and aspire to be the best they can be.

If you would like to support our initiatives please subscribe to our newsletter and become a partner/sponsor. Through your sponsorship and collaboration, we can continue to provide kids and the youth the best possible start in life.

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