Previous Workshops

How to Land your Dream Job during Covid

A series of 8 sessions tackling topics that are relevant to today’s economic climate.
How do you stand out from competition, what is the perfect cv, what are your strengths? How do you create an authentic voice? What are the barriers to your success? These are some of the questions that we’ll be addressing in our carefully curated sessions to help you navigate through these turbulent times and find your dream job.

Fashion and Sustainability

Working in Fashion? Are you concerned about how your designs could have a negative impact on the environment? This half day workshop curated by Barjis Chohan who is a practising Fashion Designer will share her tips on how she is striving and working towards sustainable fashion. From sourcing ethical suppliers,fabrics, trimmings to production. Barjis will go through all the clothing life cycle and give you tools and know hows on how to make greener collections.

Finance Simplified for Non - Finance Start - ups

Finance and creativity don’t go hand in hand. Most creative entrepreneurs do not invest time in learning finance. However, the key to sustaining the first 3 years of a new start ups is cashflow. Understanding budgets, working within limited resources and learning ways on how to lower our costs is crucial in sustaining a new start up. 

Come and join us for a 2 hour workshop with Barjis Chohan and Finance expert Usama Bhojani. Usama is a senior auditor. He has over 10 years expertise in finance and will teach you on a crash course on cashflows, profit and loss, savings and most importantly how to navigate through the  critical years of a new start up.

The Rise of Asian Women Entrepreneurs in the UK

Over the past 20 years we have seen an exponential increase in Asian Women entrepreneurs. What is the reason why women are venturing into business, how can we support each other and what are the barriers in achieving our goals. Join this roundtable discussion with women entrepreneurs from the Asian communities with our guest; Tooting Counsellor Paul White.

Building Your Brand Through Story Telling

Story telling has been an effective way to connect with your audience. Sharing stories brings people together, creates empathy and a deep connection with the brand. People buy people not products and this  workshop curated by Barjis Chohan will leave you engaged and motivated to create your story telling strategy for your business.

Ladies Fashion Workshop

Curated ladies only fashion workshops in the UK and Turkey. This included creating moodboards, selecting fabrics, designing a collection and presenting the collection to their peers. 

Ajrak Making Workshop

It was great fun curating a creative workshop in collaboration with University of Arts London and Subcontinent Divided. The workshop was on the ancient art of Ajrak making and the participants had an opportunity to learn the history behind the Ajrak, the process and also create their own interpretation of the Ajrak.

I love how Arts and crafts bring communities together and is so important for the mental health and well being in the modern world that we live in.