Business Consultancy

Barjis understands the financial constraints in running a small business. She started her Fashion and Lifestyle brand  with very little capital and built the business one project at a time. With over 22 years of experience in running a successful creative business, Barjis wants to pass on the knowledge and insights to new creative start-ups at the fraction of the cost. She feels that there are a lot of services out there, but creating a tailor-made strategy for each client in a cost-effective way is very limited.

TBI consultancy is a personalized tailor-made consultancy agency for small business owners; who want an on-demand service that caters to their needs. Whether this is a business plan review, creating a marketing strategy, HR advice, finding your strengths to focus on what your good at, or if you just want to share your business idea directly to Barjis.

The consultancy is open to small creative business owners – who want a trusted agency, built as a not-for-profit organization, founded by an established brand to reach their specific goal