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About TBI

The Barjis Initiative (TBI) is a social enterprise founded by Barjis Chohan. 

Barjis Chohan is a practising Fashion Designer. The challenges she faced whilst growing her business motivated her to support creative entrepreneurs coming from under – served communities. She believes that support is needed to level the playing field and create a diverse fashion industry. By provided cost effective workshops, consultancy services and network; she is able to give accessibility to start ups.

TBI works with universities, schools and corporates to curate arts and crafts workshops to promote inclusivity, bring people together and most importantly improve the mental health and well-being of our communities.

Barjis Chohan understands the power of Arts on our well-being. She strongly feels that employers need to foster a culture of inclusivity and that every employee matters. Through these workshops ( which can be tailor made to the organisations needs), we are able to deliver fun, interactive workshops that truly bring people together and use creativity as a way to re-juvinate, empower and build staff morale. Post Covid we are seeing a surge in mental health issues and these workshops are a breath of fresh air for over- worked employees, pupils and individuals.