About TBI

The Barjis Initiative (TBI) is a new social enterprise founded by Barjis Chohan. The purpose of TBI is to empower our communities through workshops and educational programs.

TBI is not a charity; we believe in the power of enterprise to support individuals. Education is the best gift that we can provide; to empower people from all walks of life to be independent, thriving and self-sufficient.

By providing access to expert knowledge at a fraction of the price gives everyone the opportunity to benefit. Inviting guest speakers with inspiring stories, as well as practical tools and insights on a range of topics executed by experts – will add value to our clients and cohorts.

Our aim is to build our TBI community with experts from all industries and provide a cost effective service to our communities. To create opportunities to break the glass ceiling and make knowledge accessible to all.

In these challenging times; we can all uplift each other by sharing knowledge, being the best version of ourselves and be interdependent to fulfill our dreams and aspirations.