“A truly inspirational and engaging individual.”
The Cultural Capital Exchange

“Lovely speaker, and spoke frankly about a lovely range of topics. Everyone responded really well and it was a fantastic opportunity to hear from her.” University of Surrey

"I am so impressed by TBI professionalism and the importance they gave to each participant. I came away inspired, empowered and during the lockdown it was wonderful to connect with likeminded individuals around the world. TBI really knows how to bring people together. I have a perfect CV and I understand my strengths. Thank you TBI"
Caggie Richards

"I was honoured and really pleased to have been invited to attend The Barjis Initiative's online course back in February. Unfortunately I was unable to complete the course because of a family issue but was very inspired by the two sessions that I could attend. The first session with Mihaela Nica was incredibly engaging and very informative. Her approach was vibrant and rich with positivity. We focused on tuning in to our strengths and talents and what I took away from both the session and the Gallup's Strengths quiz was that I had not previously looked on the things I felt I was naturally good at as actual strengths OR talents. This gave me a fresh perspective on what I could bring to a future career by virtue of my already existing disposition, my gifts as it were. I was very much encouraged by this and am so grateful for having been able to take part. The next session (and sadly for me the last session) that I attended was facilitated by Life Coach Mohammed Ali Chohan. Rituals and Habits were our focus points and I found this session very refreshing, practical and positive. Forming pro-active, mentally healthy, physically healthy and spiritually healthy habits and rituals in our lives doesn't cost a penny but they require determination, consistency, self respect and to a certain degree… soul searching. Being able to consistently "show up" in your career is not something that happens without effort. Mohammed's approach was thought provoking and also very straightforward. I came away feeling extremely motivated and clear as to what I need to be working on for the future. I was disappointed to have had to miss the remaining sessions but was nevertheless happy to have taken part. Many heartfelt thanks to Barjis and her team for all that they did in putting this relevant and significant online course together. I would highly recommend it to anyone, whether you're seeking employment or not. Living in strange and difficult times these days, we could ALL benefit from the opportunity to take stock and upskill our life skills. "
Ruth Feeley
“I really enjoyed the strengths workshop. After doing the assessment, we had a one to one session with a Gallup strengths coach. Mihaela explained my top 5 natural strengths in more detail. I am now more self aware of my top talents and this will help me immensely in my job search. Thank you TBI”
Maha Maryam

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