“Everyone  of us can be a force for good” – Dalai Lama

Barjis Chohan
Founder/Chief Executive Officer

“Charity destroys, work builds” – Baba Amte

 Letter from Barjis Chohan – CEO, Founder – TBI
 We are all searching for a purpose in life, after serving the design industry for nearly two decades I have come to a point in my life that I need something meaningful that will leave a positive impact on others. Designing and running a business gives me a lot of satisfaction, however, the things that I used to chase such as acceptance, success, popularity don’t mean anything to me anymore.  Money has never been the driving factor in my life but getting recognition and validation was important. We all need something deeper and meaningful to chase and for me; it’s to serve my community.

Growing up in London in the 70’s and 80’s brought its challenges but those challenges did not prepare me for the challenges I faced when I decided to venture into the Fashion industry. Studying at Central St. Martins surrounded by privileged students did give me a taste of what I was entering. But it saddened me to see the sheer absence of people from working-class communities entering the Art and Design industry.

There is a direct link between education and class and it was pretty evident entering the fashion industry in opening my eyes to how bigger the gap is and that it desperately needs filling.  With this in mind, I set up TBI to give kids from disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunity to flourish in their education and pursue their passions in whatever industry that may be.

I also discovered very soon that charity is not the solution to all the problems as we can empower kids through education to be independent and successful as adults.

Bridging the gap between the rich and poor can only happen if we work together and solve world issues through dialogue, social responsibility and not just handing out cash.

Through TBI we use compassionate capitalism as a force for good to make positive change. By providing a decent education we can narrow the rich and poor divide and this is where TBI offers financial tuition grants to kids coming from poorer backgrounds to enable them to get the support they need to raise their academic standards.

We can truly narrow this gap between opportunities and class, between privileges and education, between how we speak and how we are hired and between race and discrimination.

The TBI tuition grant is given to kids coming from less privileged backgrounds. This will give them access to private tuition at a reduced rate in order to give them the best possible chance to succeed in life.

The TBI Aspire programme is for kids to visit successful businesses and universities to raise their aspirations. As well as inviting motivational speakers and mentors to  to talk about their journey.

Finally through TBI events, we bring people to together, events to support inclusivity and bring diverse people under one roof to talk, to listen and to understand the challenges that each community faces and how we can work together to solve these issues. Creating an inclusive environment where all views are respected. There is a lot of division in this world and our aim is to bring BAME and white communities together, bringing working class and middle/upper middle class together, bringing the old and the young together and to celebrate our similarities, celebrate our achievements and support each other and our communities.  By inviting inspiring speakers from all communities, holding panel discussions and celebrating achievement through our annual award ceremony we can create an inclusive, diverse and thriving global community.

By working in collaboration with Barjis London, we hope to raise the funds through their online sales to invest in education. If you would like to help in any capacity then please visit Barjis London website – as your orders will help to raise the attainment of our kids in our communities.

Currently, we are only covering the South London area. As our not for profit grows, we plan to roll it out at a national level. If you live in South London and need help in tuition fees then please get in touch with us.