Barjis Chohan
Founder/Chief Executive Officer

Welcome to TBI!

My name is Barjis Chohan, I have been running a Fashion & lifestyle brand – BARJIS for over 21 years. 

When I joined the Fashion industry, I quickly realised that the creative industry is not for people like me and it is my duty to change the status quo and break this cycle of elitism and a lack of diversity in the industry.

In 2018, I launched The Barjis Initiative. TBI is a not for profit organisation; it is a social enterprise ( not a charity). We do not rely on public donations to run our small organisation. I do not believe in charity to solve all the issues in the world. My belief is that enterprise is the way to empower the disadvantaged in our communities. Our role is to inspire, empower and transform lives by not hand outs but by giving them the tools, resources and access to networks to that they cannot reach.

We offer a series of programmes and events to empower and inspire over looked communities. Our aim is to level the playing field by providing the skills and tools to make a success in their professional lives.

“We do not start our lives with equal opportunities but we should not be penalised or thrown back in the queue because of how we look , how we speak, our age, gender and our class. We must fight for our dreams and make space for everyone…” – Barjis Chohan