“Everyone  of us can be a force for good” – Dalai Lama

Barjis Chohan
Founder/Chief Executive Officer


 Letter from Barjis Chohan – CEO, Founder – TBI
 Over the course of nearly 2 decades in business, I have met countless people who share their business ideas to me. Some I have mentored but some I couldn’t due to time constraints. I have always been curious to know whether they fulfilled their goals and found a purpose in their lives.

The sad reality is that everyday ideas are born but never come to fruition. With this in mind, I have set up my not for profit so that every voice is heard and everyone has an opportunity to share their ideas and live the life they want to live. There a lot of people who want to leave their day jobs and have some amazing ideas but financial restrictions, family commitments and living in their comfort zone stops them from having an extraordinary life that they truly deserve.

TBI’s core mission is to empower people from all walks of lives through educational workshops, travel, experiences and events that will make them the best version of themselves.

We use a holistic and intimate approach in serving a global community of would-be entrepreneurs and professionals with a platform to connect at a human level with likeminded people, to form friendships, collaborations, learn from each other and share experiences to inspire, empower and thrive in business and their personal lives.

TBI is set up to humanise the digital world and go back to basics by reconnecting with each other, nourishing our souls and integrating a global community that cares and wants to help each other to thrive and lead a fulfilling and meaningful life – professionally and personally. 

Barjis Chohan