“Charity destroys, work builds” – Baba Amte


Being in business for nearly 2 decades there was this yearning to use a compassionate model of leadership and how I choose to run my business. I believe that by serving we are making this world a happier place and bridging the gap between the rich and poor. 

Education plays an important role in transforming lives and this should be implemented at a grass root level. Through our creative workshops children have an opportunity to express themselves without the pressures of results and targets. Working in collaboration with schools and colleges. our workshops  reach children coming from marginalised communities and empower them to be the best they can be. 

 I set up TBI  a not for profit social enterprise – with the hope of using compassionate capitalism as a driving force to make positive change. Using Enterprise, Arts and engaging in dialogue with different organisations, individuals, communities, faith groups and cultures – can we truly understand and narrow this divide between opportunities and class, between privileges and intelligence, between how we speak and how we are hired and between race and opportunities.

TBI has 5 pillars that we abide by:

 To Inspire

 To Nurture

 To Empower

 To Serve

 To Transform.

Using these 5 pillars as a benchmark we  facilitate creative workshops,competitions,awards and events to make a difference at a grass root level.


“Everyone  of us can be a force for good” – Dalai L