TBI curates creative workshops and personal development programmes to empower and bring communities together.

To support under - represented communities access the Arts and promote diversity in the Fashion Industry.

The Barjis Initiative is a social enterprise founded by Fashion Designer; Barjis Chohan. Barjis set up TBI to make Arts accessible to all. To use creativity as a means of bringing communities together and improve the well-being of students, employees through fun, educational  and interactive workshops. 

The workshops range from arts and crafts, fashion, cultural diversity training, story telling, branding, fashion sustainability to leadership and personal development. TBI works with schools, universities and corporates to improve the well-being of our communities and to create an inclusive and happier workplace.

Creative Workshops

Professional Development Programmes for Creative Businesses

If you would like to book a creative workshop or cultural diversity training for your staff, please send your requirements through the contact form.


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