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Please seek medical advice and parental consent before taking The TBI Chilli Challenge. Barjis London and The Barjis Initiative do not take responsibility for any health issues arising as a result of the #TBIChilli Challenge. Anyone taking the challenge is responsible to ensure that they do not have any health conditions which could be aggravated after eating chillies. Any doubt please seek medical advice.



and/or take up the chilly challenge:

#tbichillichallenge rules are:

Rule 1:

You must seek medical advice or parental consent before taking up this challenge. As Barjis London and TBI are not responsible for any health issues cause by this challenge.

Rule 2:

Nominate 3 people to tag to take up the challenge.

Rule 3:

Film a short video( no more than 15 seconds of you eating a chilly).

Rule 4.

Drink plenty of milk after the challenge!

Rule 5

Share the video on Instagram and Twitter with the #tbichillichallenge 

Tag: instagram @thebarjisinitiative, twitter @TBIeducate and Facebook: thebarjisinitiative.


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