TBI Business Clubs

We have a range of business clubs suited to the following entrepreneurs:

TBI Women club

This club is for women aged 40+ who are planning to or have already embarked on setting up their business or work as a professional. At TBI age is not a barrier in setting up your business. Women sacrifice their careers to raise their families and some are brave enough to set up their businesses at a later stage in their lives. We support you for your bravery and commitment and would like to help you realize your dreams. Join this club to meet like-minded women and support each other through regular meetups and at events.


TBI Creative Club

Created for creative entrepreneurs who are the most vulnerable for failure at the start up stage. Running a creative business is hard work and requires consistent motivation from creative entrepreneurs. Share your ideas, collaborate on projects and build big businesses.


South Asian Club

For businesses with founders coming from South Asian backgrounds. Most businesses thrive when they share common values. By joining this club you have access to professionals who are from similar backgrounds and have overcome the cultural barriers that can be obstacles for  South Asian businesses. 


Professional Mothers club

Professionals with children, share your experiences of holding down a professional career and being a mother. This club is for the amazing mothers. In this club, we’ll discuss fitness, self-care, how to strike that balance. 

TBI Entrepreneurs Club

This is for anyone who is in business or is about to start a business. Come and join our club to connect, inspire and collaborate on projects.