Lamiee: New Beauty Start – up in Pakistan

The Barjis Initiative was set up to support small businesses with Founders coming from marginalised communities.

Our aim is to provide the support and a thriving platform to be inspired, empowered and transform  lives through entrepreneurship.

With this in mind, we highlight new businesses who are solving problems. 

Introducing Lamiee…

Farheen Khan is an entrepreneur who decided to set up her business Lamiee because she was suffering from hair loss. She couldn’t find the right hair products hence created her own!

This is Farheen’s story:

Few years back I was facing heavy hair fall and general hair whiting issues. I used different hair treatments and observed that the treatments are slightly effective for a few days but then the problem starts again.

 I tried several options from expensive  branded products. However, the end result remained the same. I being a female, hair meant a lot to me, I was going into deep depression because of the constant issue. Sometimes  little advise from a well wisher  makes so much difference to your life.

My life hit a pot of luck. Once I  happened to visit  my grandmother’s place, who helped me with her old natural treatments. It was very  simple and I wasn’t expecting much out of it, but after using it for a week; I found it really effective. I never expected my hair treatment solution would be as simple, since I was wasting my time and money on (so called natural) expensive products. My grandmother’s simple hair treatment was so effective that I started advising my friends and it was also giving them results.

Eventually the idea came into my mind to put this natural treatment into proper formulated treatment. I had experienced hair loss, so I can understand the pain and resonate with others. This idea drove me to launch my own patent product. It wasn’t as easy as I thought… I went through intensive testing to give my product the credibility in the market; fragrance, packaging and price etc. Finally, after my due diligence, alhumdulillah, now I have my products going nationwide in Pakistan and getting overwhelming response from all over Pakistan. This small initiative not only has given me recognition but also made me financially self- sufficient. My simple organic hand made products have  completely changed my life and given me the confidence to thrive in a extremely competitive beauty industry.

My vision is to get my products recognised with the best brands in market and people discover the natural ingredients in Lamiee.


Prices and Bundle offer:

Shampoo: Rs. 1300/-Oil: Rs. 800/-Herbal Conditioner: Rs.  900/-Protein Serum: Rs. 800/- Face wash.. 800Face toner..600Face scrub/mask 800Bundle offers:1. Shampoo, Oil, Conditioner and Protein Serum:  Rs. 3600/-2. Shampoo, Oil, Conditioner:  Rs. 2900/-3. Shampoo, Oil and Protein Serum:  Rs. 2800/-4. Shampoo, Conditioner and Protein Serum:  Rs. 2900/-5. Oil, Conditioner and Protein Serum:  Rs. 2400/ *DC Applied 

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Above is the facebook link and Whatsapp no is 03182831960 for order placement.  We’ll deliver all over Pakistan.

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