Ajrak Workshop

Ajrak Workshop - TBI X UAL

The Barjis Initiative held a fun interactive creative workshop in collaboration with Sub continent Divided and University of Arts London.

Fashion Designer Barjis Chohan curated and led the workshop which was learning about the ancient art of Ajrak making in Pakistan. The workshop was sold out and we had a room full of old and young participants coming together to learn and enjoy being creative.

TBI was set up to make arts, crafts and fashion accessible to all. Barjis wanted to  bridge the gap between arts and class and support under represented communities by empowering them through workshops and entrepreneurial programmes. 

These creative workshops are a great way to bring communities together and focus on well being, mental health and create a diverse and inclusive workforce.


Ajrak: The Ancient Art of Fabric Printing



Learn the history and process of making an Ajrak in this practical and fun workshop curated by The Barjis Initiative in collaboration with University of Arts London.

Barjis Chohan, Designer and Social Entrepreneur is leading this unique workshop. Join her to take you on a journey to learn about the beautiful Ajrak, its history and have fun creating your own Ajrak.



Date: 27th September

3-6pm BST 

In person event.

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