TBI Business Consultancy

When I started BARJIS, I didn’t have mentors or people to guide me. Neither did I have the connections who can give me access to the elite world of design.

I had to build my own networks and it was hard work to enter an industry that relied on recommendations and who you know.
TBI is a not-for-profit organisation to offer low-cost expert one-to-one consulting to start-ups and advice to job seekers. We are funded by BARJIS and do not accept donations.
We offer business consultancy to start-ups that don’t have the financial backing to seek professional help.
We are particularly interested in supporting creatives who are working on a shoestring budget.
I strongly believe that entrepreneurship can transform lives and it should not be difficult to access expert knowledge.
The door was not open to me but I promised that when I reach a certain level of success in my life..I will pull people up and open the doors to marginalized communities – who don’t have rich parents or established connections.
If you would like to seek expert advice on any business-related queries then hop on board for a free consultation for 30 minutes with me or either my colleagues.
Email us: info@barjislondon.com